Book on Heart Care by Dr. R. N. Kalra

Kaise Karen Dil Ki Hifazat (How To Take Care Of Your Heart)

In India Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) have now become the leading cause of mortality. Indians are more prone to heart disease for a variety of reasons, some among them being genetic causes and the diet they follow. For each of them, obtaining accurate information about the disease and the many options for dealing with it can be both empowering and life saving. Heart Disease is a disease of ignorance, misinformation and lack of proper knowledge. This book book brings to you all the scientific knowledge about heart problems, its risk factors and preventive tips and treatments. This book covers detailed and practical steps to prevent and reverse heart disease in easy steps.

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About the book

In this book (Kaise Karen Dil Ki Hifazat -How to take care of your heart) renowned cardiologist Dr. R N Kalra offer up-to-date facts about the best treatments available in India and an innovative approach that shows how treatment programs can be tailored to meet the needs of each unique patient. The author outlines the constants for the full range of cardiovascular conditions, from angina and heart attacks to high blood pressure and cardiac arrhythmias. He then guides readers through the process of assessing personal variables to develop an individual treatment and life-style program.

Written in a warmly reassuring style, this indispensable guide to heart care offers realistic hope and specific directions for designing a lifelong heart care program. Filled with practical advice, instructional case histories, a philosophy for controlling your health, self-tests to assess risk, and questions to ask your doctor, it looks toward an even better future for those with heart disease. This book is must read book for not only heart patients but also common man. This is an ideal book for those affected by heart disease. It is equally helpful for those who have risk factors of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, stress, obesity and anti – survival habits such as smoking and lack of exercise.

Book Dicriptions

Title : Kaise Karen Dil Ki Hifazat (how to take care of your heart)

Written by Renowned Cardiologist Dr. R. N. Kalra

Edited by Vinod Viplav, Health Writer and Journalist

ISBN : 978-81-904097-6-6

Price : Rs. 200


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