Biography of Mohammad Rafi – Meri Awaz Suno

Legendary singer Mohammad Rafi needs no introduction. He is an epitome of music. Today, 30 years after his death, he lives on eternally. His voice continues to haunt us even today. The biography of great legendary singer, which got overwhelming responses and appreciations from its reader and that is why all copies of the first edition of this biography sold within a days and publisher of this book was forced to publish its 2nd edition with new look and more attractive features. The new edition of the book has more information, more pages and more photographs of Rafi Saheb. The biography of Mohammad Rafi, titled – Meri Awaz Suno is in Hindi. In second edition of the book, there are additional chapters, information and photographs. The second edition contain 176 pages and more than 20 chapters.

Biography of Mohammad Rafi
Book Name: Meri Awaz Suno
Publisher Name: Sachi Prakashan
Author Name: Vinod Viplav
Price: Rs. 150.00
ISBN – 81-904097-1-9
Pages : 176
Chapters : 20

For more information, please feel free to contact :
Rahul Sharma
TEL – 09968939756, 09868793203/0120-2880324
Email – or

Editorial Address :
Sachi Prakashan, 21, UNI APARTMENTS, Sector – 11, VASUNDHARA, GHAZIABAD – 201012 (U.P)

Delhi Address
23/116, (1st Floor), Veer Sarvarkar Block, Main Vikash Marg, Shakarpur, Delhi-92


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